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The Hamptons has a reputation for being a glitzy resort community built for the 1% at the top rung of our capitalist dream - and it certainly is all that, but not only. I would say The Hamptons is a place for millionaires and billionaires to feel like they are slumming and mixing with the real country folks. Its not uncommon to see Sarah Jessica Parker driving her old 1960's station wagon, or one summer Jerry Seinfeld's kids attempting to sell lemonade with their staff on a very exclusive corner. It is a sort of nostalgia for an America that probably never existed, and can only be realized at a high price.
For the rest of us sometimes it feels like we are living in a film set built for others. The bar is set very high here and for those of us who live here all year long it is nearly impossible to find a way to support ourselves.
Phantom Hampton is the result of a long process of excitement, training, disappointment, even anger, and joy. I create, produce, write, interview, host, and edit!
When I got good enough to start making the audio stories that I loved, suddenly they had no place to go. They were put out on the street. I was on one audio page and my former library sponsor was on another.
 A lot of people are afraid to hear the real stories about what is happening in their community, especially if those stories are not always happy ones.
This is an eclectic collection of my favorite episodes, all long editing journeys. Some episodes are edited versions of oral history recordings I conducted with local residents, portraits in a way, and others are interviews with people and about things I find fascinating out on the East End.
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