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Jan 3, 2018

Bobby Wonderful is a memoir by author Bob Morris about coping with dying parents with humor and grace. This is my interview with the author.

"Bob Morris was always the entertainer in his family, but not always a perfect son.
How does an adult child with flaws and limitations figure out how to do his best for his ailing parents while still carrying on and enjoying his own life? And when their final days on earth come, how can he give them the best possible end?

In the tradition of bestselling memoirs by Christopher Buckley, Joan Didion, and with a dash of David Sedaris, BOBBY WONDERFUL recounts two poignant deaths and one family's struggle to find the silver lining in them. As accessible as he is insightful, Bob Morris infuses each moment of his profound emotional journey with dark comedy, spiritual inquiry and brutally honest self-examination.

This is a little book. But it captures a big and universal experience." Amazon